Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I've been playing another MMORPG the past week; it's the free-to-play, very cute NosTale in the UK server.

(The obligatory newb screenie!)

There are a few character classes available at the moment, but I read somewhere that they'll be adding more later. In NosTale, you start out as the generic Adventurer, and later on you change into a more specific job class (and specialty). What I find weird in this game is you do not earn stat points that you could add to your current stat. (Parang WoW?) Maybe this is what the game meant when it said it's a newbie-friendly MMORPG, since you can't screw up your build. It leaves very little room for creativity, though.

At the moment, I find leveling-up very slow, but Tyrean told me that things get exciting at later levels. We'll see. :)

Oh yeah, pRO is going to have a Free-to-Play server soon! I wonder how that will go. Also, I'm looking for a good place to play WoW for free, of course. Any suggestions? ^^

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